Terms & Conditions

Vendors Terms & Conditions of Sale

  1. Commission is charged at the rate of 17.5%
  2. Items presented or collected for sale will be entered in the first available sale, but may be held over, at the Auctioneers discretion, until space or a suitable sale is available.
  3. All descriptions, reserves and estimates are at the Auctioneers discretion.
  4. Payments to vendors will be released one week after the sale. This enables all the payments for goods sold to be paid. Electronic payments can be made on request.
  5. Items not in compliance with current Legislation or deemed unsalable or counterfeit will not be accepted.
  6. The auctioneers act as agent for the vendor and reserve the right to bid on their behalf.
  7. Each vendor will supply their name, address, telephone number and email address.
  8. All unsold items not collected within 14 days after the sale will be disposed or/and become the property of Grove Mill Auctions


Buyers Terms & Conditions of Purchase

  1. The Purchaser to be the highest bidder who will pay the hammer price plus a premium of 17.5%
  2. All items are SOLD AS SEEN, descriptions and pictures are simply a guide. If buying online and not available to view the items you can telephone or email to find out further information on an item.
  3. Each purchaser shall register with the Auctioneers giving their Name, Address, email address & Telephone number.
  4. All purchases must be paid for, in full, by Wednesday 6pm, and no lots may be removed until such payments have cleared.
  5. Payments are accepted in Cash, Credit Card and Debit Card. Alternatively payments can be made by bank transfer.
  6. The Auctioneers act as agents for the Vendor and reserve the right to bid on their behalf on Lots offered subject to reserve.
  7. Commission bids are accepted by the Auctioneer whom undertakes to purchase the lots on the bidders behalf at the best advantage.
  8. Lots purchased by absent buyers will be consigned at the Auctioneers earliest convenience subject to packing and postage charges.
  9. All electrical appliances are not tested by the auction house and we cannot guarantee them to be in working order.
  10. If items are not collected and paid for by Wednesdays buyers will be liable to a 10%penalty charge & may become restricted on future buying.
  11. In the case of a dispute the Lot may be re-offered at the discretion of the Auctioneer who shall be the sole arbitrator.
  12. If goods are not collected from the auction house within the terms and conditions stipulated by the auction house storage charges will be applied for goods not collected.




All items purchased or sold at auction must be removed from the auction house between

12pm- 6pm Tuesday,

8am-6pm Wednesday,

9.30am-2pm Sunday & Monday(not during lockdown)

Storage charges are charged commencing 1 week after sale from the Wednesday.

Storage charges are charged on auction working days only, these are Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays.

After 14 days(maximum), if unsold items remain uncollected they will become the property of Grove Mill Auctions

If you use our House Clearance or Collection service, the above storage policy does not apply.

Use and storage of customer data

The information captured about our customer's name, address and contact details including email. This information is stored on an electronic back office system which is run by Easyliveauction.

Grove Mill Auctions and Easyliveauction do not share any of our customer personal information with any third parties and simply use it to process receipts of purchasing and selling history.

Printed receipts of customer transactions are securely stored by Grove Mill Auctions for 7 years during this time HMRC have the right to view any of this paper work for VAT purposes.

All customers have the right to request the removal of their data from our system. If any customers have any queries or concerns about the use and storage of their data please contact Grove Mill Auctions on 01257 793930.

Shipping Policy

We offer a postage and packing service on small items. Please contact the auction house for further details either by email or telephone 01257 793930 or 07487589260

We offer a LOCAL delivery service within the region only. Contact the auction house for a quotation.

For shipping of large goods please arrange your own courier or collection of the items yourself, all items need to be paid for and removed from the auction by 3pm on the Wednesday after the sale. Storage charges may be incurred if arrangements are not made.

We cannot ship weapons or guns as they are not legally allowed to be sent. These items are collection only when purchased.

We can deliver locally but do not ship breakables such as mirrors and ceramics.

Grove Mill Auctions does not ship overseas(unless arranged with auctioneer)