How to Bid Live at Auctions From Home

In the wake of the current Coronavirus outbreak, social distancing and self-isolation are becoming common practice. That doesn't mean you have to miss out on auction lots though. We explain how to bid live from home here...

It’s definitely a time of uncertainty right now, with the population being told to practice safe distancing, self-isolation where necessary some schools and businesses still closed. 


Any auctioneers who hold sales with us can update their listing appropriately, so if you’re unsure you can always check our   auction listings here  URL:  


The many customers that already know how to use our platform, know that it is a simple way of bidding for items at sales both locally and further afield and will feel safe in the knowledge that they don’t have to miss out on lots at sales that are going ahead. For those who may not be familiar, we will explain below.

URL:  – If you haven’t already got an account, you can create one here. We have two different types of account to choose from.

Free Registration – If you choose this option you will pay 3% plus VAT of the hammer price. For example, if you win an item for £200 you will pay 3% of the £200 for bidding online with us, plus VAT which would be £7.20.


Flat Fee – If you choose this option you will pay a flat fee, usually £3 to bid at a sale. This is taken directly from your registered payment card when you opt to bid at that sale. This amount will be taken whether you put in a successful bid or not.


1. It is important to remember that auctioneer’s standard fees still apply for any items one bids on , whichever option you decide to register as with us.


2. Browse our list of auctions – You can browse through the list of auctions available on our website here. You have the ability to narrow down between live, timed and catalogue on the left-hand side on the screen. You can also choose country or auctioneer.


3. Search for keywords – You can use the search bar to search for lots sitewide by keyword, at the top of our website. There is also a search box in each catalogue to find keywords.


4. Set up alerts – If there are specific things you are looking for such as cameras, you can set up alerts for the search term ‘camera’ ‘canon’ ‘Leica’ and so on. We will then send you a handy email hen anything containing the keyword is listed on our website.


5. Bid LIVE – You can watch live auctions as they happen, and even bid if you have set up your account and registered for the sale. This option is particularly useful for people who are currently practising social distancing due to Coronavirus.


6. Autobids – Not going to be able to attend the sale in person or online? You can opt to leave an Autobid. This allows our system to bid on your behalf up to the maximum bid you have left. (We keep our Autobids confidential so the auctioneer will not know how much you have left).


We also provide a +1 option. This tells our system we can bid one more increment if you get bid outbid on your maximum amount.


7. Absentee Bids- These can be left on catalogue listings only. This is the same as leaving an autobid on one of the live sales.


If you are successful in winning any lots through our system, you will then need to contact the auctioneer to arrange collection or delivery of the lots.


If you have any questions you can refer to our FAQ’s here, or send us a message on any of our social media channels.